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Serving Exceptional British Teas

In Britain, “Tea Time” always represented an opportunity to linger with family and friends. We introduced Martha Green’s Rustic Tea to bring those same leisurely moments to Redlands, California. 

Our afternoon teas feature “proper treats” served on three-tiered racks. We import our blends from Britain and brew them using classic British techniques.

And while we follow British preparation, we stay true to our Southern California roots. The dress code remains casual, ensuring you can sip and talk in comfort.

An Affair to Remember

If you had an English grandmother (or if you love Jane Austen) you know about “Tea Time.”

Revive old memories, enjoy a wonderful break in the afternoon, and indulge in the very proper (but often totally sinful) treats we create at tea time.

You will be presented with a three-tiered rack filled with a selection of petite fours, small cookies, fruit tarts, scones, mini sandwiches of egg or chicken salad served with touches of sweet jellies and chutneys for your pleasure.