Sweet and Savory Baked Goods

From indulgent cookies to hearty breads, our Dough'Lectibles Bakery features scratch-made goods. We make rich cakes, flavor-packed rolls, and cookies that are known to sell out before the day is over.

Our bakery case features a daily selection of croissants, cakes, cookies, and breads. Additionally, we love getting special orders and frequently create seasonal treats. Our Orange Blitz – a four-layered cake flaked with orange zest and stacked with lemon curd and orange buttercream – is a favorite.

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Recent Delectables

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Ordered an anniversary cake for my parents. It was wonderful; nothing was left. Raspberry filling with white and chocolate cake is my new favorite.

The Coconut dream bars were one of the best things I have tasted at any bakery. I will definitely go back for lunch soon!

Laura, Our Head Baker

Laura joined the All Martha Green team in 2011 as the Head Baker of Dough'Lectibles Bakery.

Born and raised in Southern California, she has been scratch-baking for 30 years. She witnessed how local bakeries began transitioning from in-house prep work to manufactured products. The experience taught her the importance of quality ingredients and personal attention. She believes in knowing what a cake is made of and tweaking recipes to give them a unique twist. Because for Laura, baking isn’t just about flour and butter. It’s about creating a bite that’s an experience.