The Eating Room

Food You Want to Eat

From breakfast and brunch to lunch and tea, we operate on a simple philosophy - make great food, every time. That’s why we serve scratch-made comfort food in portions that satisfy.

Our family-friendly environment is a product of our staff - an incredible group of people dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Our produce comes from Washington Produce – a Redlands produce vendor. We source our meat and pickles from Gibson & Son Provisions – located just minutes from Redlands. And, our from-scratch bakery provides all of our baked goods, including our infamous Swedish Almond Cookies.

What Our Patrons Say:

This is my favorite breakfast place due to the Elvis french toast. Thick pieces of french toast slathered with peanut butter and topped with a heaping amount of bananas. I always leave feeling like "the king!"

My family and I absolutely love this place! My husband usually orders the Asian Chicken Wrap and it is always good, but the Eggs Benedict with turkey bacon is my favorite!

After we eat we always check out the bakery and end up getting way more treats than we should!

Ordered an anniversary cake for my parents. It was wonderful; nothing was left. Raspberry filling with white and chocolate cake is my new favorite.

Meet JR, Our CFO

Born and raised in Southern California, JR first dabbled in the restaurant industry when he was just 15-years-old. Back then, he was washing dishes and doing prep work for a local breakfast joint. Today, as the CFO of The Eating Room, Dough'Lectibles Bakery, and Martha Green's Rustic Tea, he remains hands-on with all aspects of the business.

When the bakery first opened in 1996, JR restored the space by hand – building walls and installing equipment. As he opened The Eating Room five years later, he spent mornings, afternoons, and evenings developing recipes. And when Martha Green’s Rustic Tea was introduced just one year following, he brought in a tea expert to train the staff in proper British brewing techniques. For JR, no step is too small and quality is paramount. These are lessons he learned from his mom, chef and food expert Martha Green.

A loving husband and proud father, JR has been committed to making this local destination family-friendly since day one. You’ll often find him greeting patrons as they arrive and helping undecided guests select the perfect menu item. He loves going to the beach, golfing, and taking trips with the family. He and his wife, Kayte, have regular foosball tournaments. And, he loves adding a healthy helping of cheese to his scrambled eggs.

Delectable’s Made From Scratch

We believe baked goods should melt in your mouth and make you go “umm.” That’s why we make all our pastries, breads, and cakes in house. We control the ingredients. We control the process. And, we deliver exceptional treats every time.

Opened in 1996, our scratch bakery – Dough'Lectibles Bakery – was the first in Redlands, California. Our wedding cakes have been a favorite for brides since day one. Our almond croissants feature flaky layers of buttery pastry dough. And, our signature Swedish Almond Cookies feature a mouth-watering combination of oats and almond schmear.

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